Friday, December 9, 2011

Worlds Best Christmas Cookies

 These are the worlds best Christmas cookies: They're flavorful, versatile, cheap,simple, and stay fresh for really long. This is my grandmothers recipe, and I have been eating them every Christmas for as long as I can remember. You can top them off with colorful sprinkles,chocolate sprinkles, plain or with icing. I made about a hundred little stars, with colorful sprinkles which are the best cookies ever, especially when put in little bags. Sadly I have the bad habit of writing recipoes down on little scraps of paper, so I can't really find it now ( or maybe i just don't feel like sharing my grandmothers best recipe?) but I'll be sure to post it soon. in case you were wondering what they looked like, because I haven't lost the pictures.

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  1. Eli...WOW! I'm impressed!! I'M sure your grandmother is very proud. It is obvious you will do well in any profession you choose, maybe a Global Food/Restaurant reviewer.
    I so enjoyed watching my scarf being made and the pasta being cooked...Thank you so much..Nancy